by jeff

Harriet Weinberger has both professional and practical experience.  She is one of those rare placement professionals who has experienced every aspect of the special education continuum.  She holds two master’s degrees in the fields of education, and a B.A. in psychology.  She has the special gift of providing clients a safe and supportive environment, accurately evaluating their special needs, and helping to find the most effective solutions for their care. 

Harriet has worked as a teacher in several schools, Early Intervention Instructor, Family Trainer, Support Groups, provided Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and one-on-one sessions with children working on behavior modification and social skills.  Harriet is dedicated to helping families find programs, schools and services for their family member; a place that will provide a vehicle for growth and change in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment.


Personal Statement

I am committed to this work because it is very close to my heart, as two of my three children have needed these services.

I believe that everyone, no matter their disability, can achieve and grow with the right support.

While in turmoil, it can be overwhelming for the family to find solutions and problem solve for their loved ones. My services can help to diminish tension and anxiety from an arduous process and help create the best possible outcomes.

I bring experience, expertise, compassion, understanding and practical solutions to families and individuals who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

I bring my clients hope, clear perspective and a plan for the future.